5 Best Exotic Car Rentals 2020


Ready to step behind the wheel of an exotic car while cruising Los Angeles? Don’t know which car to rent? Look no further. Exotic car rentals in Los Angeles can be a tricky process with the infinite number of exotic cars to choose from. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of the top 5 exotic cars to rent. 

Aston Martin Vantage 

Do you have a James Bond Fantasy? If so, throw on a tuxedo and slip behind the wheel of this sleek British sports car. With a sculpted bodywork that appears both aggressive and beautiful, this elite sports car will deliver thrills and looks to kill. Beneath the Vantage’s clamshell hood, lies a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8. This engine develops over 500 horsepower and 505 lb-ft of torque, which is sent to the rear wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Cadillac Escalade 

No other vehicle embodies “bling” quite like the Cadillac Escalade. The Cadillac Escalade has long been a favorite among celebrities, including David Beckham, Paris Hilton, and Jennifer Lopez. So what’s with the whole Hollywood-Escalade obsession? This exotic car offers size, power, and comfort. With a V8 engine that develops 420 horsepower, this exotic car will not only provide you with a stellar performance but also an unforgettable ride. 

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche enthusiasts are as passionate as any supercar expert. It doesn’t take long to understand why when you’re driving a Porsche 911 GT3. The Porshe engine develops over 500 horsepower and 339 lb-torque. If you’re driving a Porsche, its personality shines the more challenges you provide for it. 

Lamborghini Aventador 

The Aventador has a mighty V12 engine delivering unrelenting power. With its futuristic doors and sleek interior, the Aventador was designed to make a statement. This captivating exotic car epitomizes wealth and style and it has the power to propel you 60 mph in less than three seconds. If you’re looking for a powerful and thrilling ride, consider taking the Lamborghini Aventador on the road. 

Rolls Royce Dawn 

What better way to experience the beauty of Los Angeles than from behind the wheel of a convertible? In 22 seconds, everything changes with one sweep of Dawn’s roof. Powered by a 6.6-liter V12 twin-turbo engine, Dawn’s power reserves and torque curve are seemingly limitless.